Lake County has a new shared office space business center - Maxfield Real Estate Group

Cambridge Business Center has opened at 1657 Mentor Avenue in Painesville Township and is looking for several specific types of tenant to complete their group. James Maxfield, commercial-investment real estate broker and owner of Maxfield Real Estate Group, LLC, is the manager for Cambridge Business Center, and one of the tenants. The goal of the center is to create a group of related businesses that can benefit by some joint marketing and advertising, including seminar marketing. Anyone currently operating a home-based business with an office in their home might be a candidate for one of our offices.

Cambridge Business Center also has a seminar or training room available for up to 35 people. The businesses located here will benefit by very low rent, free utilities, two conference rooms, a common workspace with fax and copy machine, and a kitchen and lounge area. The businesses currently setting up there besides Maxfield Real Estate Group are Business Appraisal and Brokerage, a freelance paralegal firm, and an Urban Planning Consultant. “We are looking to set someone up in their own freelance secretarial or marketing support business,” said Mr. Maxfield. Other tenants sought are a court reporter, manufacturing reps, a business insurance specialist, a CPA, a financial planner, and a business attorney. “Cambridge Business Center could also function as a satellite office for a larger firm,.” he added.

Maxfield Real Estate Group has also located a good location for another business center in Ashtabula. They are considering opening other centers around the state in conjunction with their interests in privately operated industrial incubators. Locations are being considered around the state to house start-up companies in certain types of manufacturing and support businesses.