Painesville Real Estate Broker Invited to S.E.C Meetings - Maxfield Real Estate Group

James Maxfield of Maxfield Real Estate Group, LLC has been invited to attend the next national real estate marketing event held by the Society of Exchange Counselors (S.E.C.) in Dallas on March 10-13.

Real estate marketing sessions are forums where trained and experienced commercial brokers representing well-counseled clients meet to promote the sale or exchange of their clients’ properties. “We try to use the IRS 1031 tax-deferred exchange rules whenever possible to increase the net worth and equity positions of our clients.” The S.E.C holds bi-monthly marketing sessions to promote the sale and exchange of investment properties by the attending brokers. “This is my second invitation,” Maxfield said. “It’s kind of like being asked to try out for the majors in baseball.” The S.E.C. (founded in the 1950s) is a national real estate marketing and exchange group. Membership is very exclusive (only about 100 current members), and you have to be invited and voted in. Presently, there are no members from Ohio, but there are several “invitees” from around the state and one candidate from Sandusky.

Mr. Maxfield has been using local and state marketing meetings to sell and exchange commercial and investment properties for about 18 years. He attended his first national event this past January in Orlando. In February, Mr. Maxfield presented properties at the Covington Invitational meeting, an annual tri-state regional event held in the Cincinnati area. This marketing session was also by invitation only.